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I was laying on the floor looking at the ceiling.  Is this it? Pain. Grief. Sadness.  This can’t be it. 

Every day I wake up and 90% of my behavior is habit controlled by my sub-conscious. Can the slave to my emotions take control over my reality? Is it possible for me to take control? 

The only thing I know to be true is that I can’t control the outcome.  It might not happen.  

I can’t control the outcome but I do control myself.  I can at least try to control myself.  I can show up everyday.  I can learn from others.  I’m ready. 

What if I choose to channel these emotions? What if I take the darkness from within and force it out of me.  Create something.  Can I convert this darkness into magic?  What would magic even look like?

I choose to take this darkness and turn it into magic.  

I will give value. I will work smart. I will inspire others. 

I will connect the world using technology and good ideas. 

AE4Life is the magic. 

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AE4Life connects the world using technology and good ideas.  Through technology we are able to offer an assortment of collections.  Together we are able to support those who need.   $1 for every order goes to supporting charitable causes.