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Using your laptop should not mean jeopardizing your health. With this ergonomic laptop stand, it’s goodbye back pain, neck ache, and shoulder strain. 

If you use your laptop for several hours each day without proper ergonomic setup, then your body is no stranger to ergonomic strain. 

The back, neck, and shoulders suffer most from all the hours hunching and straining down. 

And the worst part is that the effects of wrong ergonomics (neck, back, and shoulder pain) over time start to affect your productivity.

When your productivity is affected by poor ergonomics, you’re likely to drag on longer with tasks or just procrastinate.

That’s why the ergonomic folding laptop stand desk is a savior for any laptop user. And this is regardless of whether you use your laptop for work or entertainment.

The stand has a thoughtful, intuitive ergonomic design and even comes with a mouse pad platform for added convenience. 

You also won’t have to worry about your laptop overheating because this stand has ventilation holes to provide airflow and dissipate heat from the bottom of your laptop. 

Lightweight. Portable. Take your ergonomic laptop stand anyway. 

The best part about the ergonomic folding laptop stand is that it’s very lightweight, foldable, and hence portable. 

This means you can take it along anywhere without much of a fuss, for instance, from office to home and vice versa, and even during travel. 

While lightweight and portable, it doesn’t mean this laptop stand is flimsy, though.  The stand is very sturdy and durable. 

It’s built with high-intensity aluminum and bits of eco-friendly, high-tensile strength ABS plastic that doesn’t break easily under tension.

Infinite positions... Laptop stand, reading desk, book stand, dinner tray, all-in-one.

The most notable feature of the ergonomic laptop stand is the agility and flexibility in the various use positions. 

The number of angles, degrees, heights, and ways you can use this stand is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

For use as a laptop stand, for instance, you can adjust the folding legs to use while sitting at your workstation desk, while sitting on the floor, while sitting on your couch, while laying down on your carpet working, laying in bed watching a movie, and more. 

But the functionality does not stop at laptop use:

The stand can also be used as an ergonomic reading desk, a book stand, a sketch pad, a drawing stand, a dinner tray,  and even as a standing desk if you have a raised enough surface. 

Heck, you can use this a flower stand too.

A gift for you. A gift for someone you know

The ergonomic folding laptop stand desk is the perfect gift for you and for anyone else you know that uses their laptop all the time. 

It brings with it much relief to your body and makes work or entertainment on your laptop all the more smooth, fun, and enjoyable. And yes, the stand can be used adults and kids alike.

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